Winter to Me – a guest mix from Matt Fiedler

Matt Fiedler is one of the co-founders of Vinyl Me, Please, a monthly vinyl subscription service (that I belong to and think is great). You should, obviously, become a member if you’re not already- it’s the best damn record club. Matt, obviously, knows his music, and this mix is some kind of tremendous. Ain’t nothing finer on a cold day than Ben Webster, kids. Enjoy.

Does this mix have a name or specific cover art? What’s the story behind it?
This mix is a collection of songs that mean winter to me. It’s usually a dark time of year, not for lack of joy, but becuase the days are short and the nights are long. Whereas spring and summer bring about new life, winter is about slowing down. This mix is a collection of songs that should help put your mind at ease. They’re all fairly wandering with loose melodie but I think they come together to bring a new sense of calmness for the season.

Why’d you put these tunes in this specific order?
It sort of came together this way. I was jumping around from track to track while building it and tried to go with the flow. Once I got all of the songs together, I went back and trimmed the ones that didn’t fit. I did some minor rearranging to try and maintain a good progression of sound.

How’d you decide this mix was ‘finished’? How many iterations of it did you go through before you were satisfied?
I tend to build playlists by throwing a bunch of stuff together and then trimming what doesn’t fit. I was making this playlist in the exact setting I think it should be consumed so it was pretty easy.

I originally had 2+ hrs worth of music but trimming was easy. There were plenty of songs that, while great, just didn’t fit the vibe.

Favorite song on the mix? Any particular reason why?
Man, I really love all of these songs. Some of them—“The Mp” specifically— have sentimental value to me for one reason or another. Others, are songs I just connect with on a really deep level.

If I had to pick one song I would say either “All Blues” or “Soulville.”  “All Blues” was the first jazz song I remember liking and this version is particularly great. “Soulville” is just an awesome by-the-fire song. I could listen to both of those songs 1million times a day and never get sick of them.

Any song you had to cut/didn’t put on it that you were hoping to include? Why didn’t it make it?
No, not really. I based it off the feeling so there obvious yes and no’s for the most part.

Anything else you want to say about the mix or your process for creating it?
Hope you enjoy this mix and find something new! Give it a spin either with headphones or with a small group of close friends & family on a cold winter night

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