the winter mix project

Some fun news as this little blog here has (unexpectedly- I can only post the music the internets give us, kids) ground to a halt as the year winds down: tomorrow will kick off a fun little winter mix project I’ve been working on for the last little bit. I’ll kick it off with my winter mix, and then next week I’ll start posting winter mixes put together by my friends, both friends I know in real life and others I know through the internet/blogging.

So, why am I doing this and what’s the point, you ask? Well, mostly I just wanted to have people who I think have good taste in music put together mixes and explain how and why they constructed it the way they did. It’s a hugely dorky thing, yes, but I think it’s going to be a ton of fun, and I think you’ll be hearing a ton of really great mixes (and it also ensures there’s stuff to fill up this site before the end of the year, which is a plus, too).

Here are the instructions/details I sent out to my friends for them to follow as they put together the mix (I followed them, too):

– first things first: this mix is whatever you think winter sounds like. old songs, new songs, popular songs, obscure songs- doesn’t matter, what matters is that it’s a collection of stuff that you want playing during the winter months.

– mix should be under 80 minutes (no minimum, but i’d like us all to pretend that this is going to fit on a mix cd, you know, for the kids….who don’t use CD players anymore and only stream things.)

– The part of the post I’ll need you to write is simple- I need you to answer the below questions with however many words you want to answer them with.

* Does this mix have a name or specific cover art? What’s the story behind it?

* Why’d you pick these songs? (or better put: what’s the story you’re trying to tell with these tunes?)

* Why’d you put these tunes in this specific order?

* How’d you decide this mix was ‘finished’? How many iterations of it did you go through before you were satisfied?

* Favorite song on the mix? Any particular reason why?

* Any song you had to cut/didn’t put on it that you were hoping to include? Why didn’t it make it?
* Anything else you want to say about the mix or your process for creating it?

So there you have it. Tomorrow I’ll post my mix and the (unnecessarily long) answers to the questions I posed to others. I hope you enjoy this little project and all the mixes that come from it.

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