catching up

Short week here in the States, so let’s talk tunes before the turkey puts us to sleep.

‘West Coast’- Hey Marseilles
It’s so good to have new music from Hey Marseilles. Gorgeous, sadly sweet, well-orchestrated tunes are what they do, and they do it real well, you guys. This is no exception.

‘Lamplight’- Del Water Gap
One of those songs I find myself putting on repeat lately, this one.

‘It’s All In Vain’- Wet
It’s real early (too damn early, honestly), but Wet’s debut album is one of the records I’m looking forward to most in 2016.

‘That’s Why’- The Cave Singers
Real simple, straightforward and gooooood. Love this.

‘Try’- Escondido
This is real pretty, kids. And sad. And lonely. But remember: really pretty.

‘So Long’- Leon Bridges
A smooth new one from Leon Bridges? Sure, yes, I will listen.

‘High Above The Blue’- Bryan John Appleby
I’ve been thoroughly engrossed in Bryan John Appleby’s new album about a big fake earthquake in a small fake town. I think you’ll like it a great deal, too.



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