catching up

Oh wow. It’s been forever, there’s a snowstorm (maybe) on its way, and there has been a lot of great stuff released lately. Let’s sit down and catch up, kids.

‘Infamous’- Basia Bulat
Here’s the thing about Basia Bulat: she’s positively lovely. This new track makes me so happy, as does news that she’s got a new album coming out early next year. The world needs more Basia Bulat in it.

‘Ordinary Pleasure’- Port St. Willow
Quite the tremendously gorgeous slow burner, this one.

‘Kiss Me Clean’- Scavenger Hunt
Listen, man, I’m done with all that techno, summer-y, dance-y stuff for the year, too. Except for just this last one. Promise. Maybe.

‘The Forrester’s House’- Ross Henry
Yes, please, to all of this glitchy, broken-down goodness.

‘Monday’- Matt Corby
I really love everything about this tune. That’s all I really have to say.

‘Numbers’- Daughter
The thing about Daughter is you know precisely what’s coming, and it STILL punches you right in the damn feelings, full-force, every time.

‘Crow’- Hilang Child
Big wall of delightfully beautiful sound, this one.

‘Hello Ms. Lonesome’- Marlon Williams
I want to listen to this song while drinking cheap beer in a saloon after riding a horse through the desert. What I’m saying is I want to live in a silent Western when I listen to this song, okay?

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