catching up

Oh man, it’s been so long. Sorry about that. Let’s talk tunes.

‘Go Home’- Julien Baker
I have been listening to Julien Baker’s debut album Sprained Ankle on repeat for the better part of two weeks now. It’s an album of feelings and consequences and second chances and righting wrong choices and it’s one of my 2 or 3 favorite albums I’ve heard in 2015. ‘Go Home’ is the final track on the album and the one I’ve been stuck on most lately, and good lord, you guys, it’s a thing.

‘Been’- Boom Forest
Sorry, you just got pregnant. But, I mean, congrats? CONGRATS.

‘Death Row’- Jimi Charles Moody
We don’t know yet who exactly Jimi Charles Moody is, which is part of the charm (a friend guessed George Ezra, and that makes sense to my ear). This new one is great, same as the other 3 tunes we have from him have been.

‘Singing to Me’- David Wax Museum
Former top spot holder on my ‘songs I need a proper studio version of’ list. Very happy with how this turned out. Great songs are gonna be great, whether live in a video or all polished up in a studio.

‘Hurtling Through’- Tiny Ruins and Hamish Kilgour
Well, this is altogether lovely, isn’t it?

‘Memoir’- Villagers
Villagers quietly put out one of the most powerful albums of 2015 earlier this year in Darling Arithmetic and, well, Conor O’Brien is just gonna keep on putting out great stuff instead of resting, with the shifty, nervous ‘Memoir’ the first single from an album he/the group will release in January 2016.

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