catching up

We should talk about some very good things you need to listen to, guys and girls.

‘Lantern’- Covenhoven
Pretty simple, kids: this is one of the most gorgeous tunes I’ve heard in 2015. Also: this should be on every fall mix people make. It sounds like golden hours and turning trees and crisp mornings.

‘Calvander’- Mount Moriah
A tremendous, slyly soulful rocker, this one.

‘Nevada City’- John Heart Jackie
Pretty much the perfect song for this time right now, when summer is officially over but it’s still real hot in the middle of the day. Dreamy and altogether lovely.

‘Push and Pull (All The Time)’- Promised Land Sound
You very much need this song, a car and a couple hours to wander around.

‘Weak’- Wet
Gonna go ahead and declare myself all in on Wet. I think they are going to be huge once that album of theirs finally sees the light of day.

‘The Dream’- Dana Falconberry with Some Say Leland
Because sometimes a meandering, dreamy 7 plus minutes sounds like maybe 3 (or maybe 20, in a good way).

‘Hold Light’- Lemolo
Very, very happy there is new Lemolo in our life. This anxious, driving tune does nothing but make me more impatient for that new album.

‘Style’ / ‘Out Of The Woods’ (Taylor Swift covers)- Ryan Adams
I have a whole lot of thoughts about this Ryan Adams covers album (and the reaction to it), but it all boils down to this, really: these are really good songs at their core, and sometimes Ryan makes them something even greater, teasing out an affecting depth that maybe wasn’t evident the first time around. These are my two favorite tracks on it. Enjoy.

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