catching up

It’s been a long time, you guys. We need to talk about tunes.

‘Clearest Blue’- Chvrches
Jam. City.

‘As Time Goes’- Jr Jr
This one also firmly resides in Jam City.

‘Break Bones’- Wild Child
This is all sorts of lovely and gorgeous.

‘Clean’- The Japanese House
This is what this last push of summer sounds like: all dreamy, hazy, fading beauty.

‘The Birds Are Singing At Night’- Lord Huron
This sounds like every other Lord Huron song, which is to say it’s gorgeous and perfect.

‘Young & Alive’- Beach Slang
Well, I guess if we aren’t going to be getting a new Japandroids album anytime soon at least we have something as loud and catchy and brash and tremendous as this new Beach Slang to hold us over.

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One Response to catching up

  1. MMT says:

    Just saw Lord Huron last night in good ol’ Indianapolis!

    They didn’t play the song you posted, but they were great as usual. Thanks for the heads up.

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