catching up

Let’s talk tunes.

‘Something’- Julien Baker
It’s been a long time since I fell in love with a sad song, which is weird cause that’s basically the thing this little blog has been most about for the last 4 years-plus. Good lord though, this number. It’s beautiful and heartfelt and crushing, and one of the very best songs I’ve heard this year.

‘Lost & Found’ (The Midnight remix)- Tyler Lyle
Remixes: generally not my thing. At all. This remix of one of my favorite songs from the latest Tyler Lyle album: MY THING ENTIRELY.

‘Seven Hours’- Little May
This feels fresh and familiar, all at once, like a song I’ve heard a million times but am still excited to listen to again. I like when that happens with a new tune.

‘Burn That Bridge’ (worktape)- Donovan Woods
Another sketch of a tune that Donovan Woods posts for shits and grins, another sad little tune I can’t get enough of.

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One Response to catching up

  1. Stu Basham says:

    That Julien Baker song is so haunting and beautiful. Nice selection. Very sad song.

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