catching up

I’ve had a few beers- let’s talk about tunes, ya’ll.

‘No One Knows’- Bryan John Appleby
Jesus, you guys. I couldn’t be more excited about this new direction Bryan is taking. This is gorgeous and lush and perfect for these long days.

‘Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas’- Beach Slang
This sounds like one of those hot days you maybe had too much to drink, made a few bad decisions and stayed outside too long. So, a lot like this time of year, basically.

‘Avalanche’- Kalle Mattson
Pretty much this is a tune that needs a drive through the lights and big buildings of a city at dusk.

‘Burn’- Lapsley
Like waking up from a super disorienting dream in the most lovely way.

‘How To Waste A Moment’- James Vincent McMorrow
I mean sure, James, just go ahead and release whatever you damn well please at whatever time you deem good. It’s pretty obvious you only know how to make jammy jams, even if you don’t know how they fit on this new album you’re working on.

‘Only One In The World’- Donovan Woods
You too, Donovan. You just keep making these sad, wonderful songs and releasing them off the cuff as just ‘old ideas’ or whatever you want to say they are and I’ll continue to look forward to them.

‘Etiquette’- Land Lines
A late addition, half cause it’s great, half cause my girlfriend wondered what that great sad song was coming from the other room. It IS great.

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2 Responses to catching up

  1. Your roommate says:


  2. MMT says:

    Have you seen the video for that Kalle Mattson song? I readily acknowledge that most official videos are awful, but that one’s a clever one.

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