catching up

Sometimes it’s Tuesday and you’ve come across enough goodness for a post. This is one of those Tuesday’s. There’s a lot you need to hear, you guys.

‘South’- Hippo Campus
Pretty much a perfect late-summer jam right here, a bouncy drum beat, breezy ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ and a little bit of grit in those lead vocals.

‘Faultlines’- Heartwatch
Holy catchy, Batman.

‘Over And Even’- Joan Shelley
I basically just want Joan Shelley to sing to me all damn day, from the time I wake up to the time I get home and the sun sets to when I’m all ready to call it a night.

‘Return To The Moon’- EL VY
Thing we need to start: a petition to have Matt Berninger sing everything for forever at all times.

‘Gold’ (solo version)- James Vincent McMorrow
Good. Lord.

‘Big Sis’- Sales
A quick, breezy, dreamy little number. Can’t have enough of these around.

‘Big World- The Airplanes
It’s about a million degrees even in the shade right now. This sounds perfect.

‘Wyoming’- Family And Friends
Yes. Yes, I love this.

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