catching up

Been very quiet on the site, but I’m back from vacation and we have jams to talk about.

‘Getting Ready To Get Down’- Josh Ritter
This is essentially the sound of Tom Petty, Tom Cochrane’s ‘Life Is A Highway’ and Ritter’s own ‘To The Dogs Or Whoever’ having a baby. It. Is. Magnificent.

‘In The Midst Of It All’- Tom Misch feat Sam Wills
You just got pregnant. Sorry. Congrats, though.

‘The Difference’- Noah Gundersen
All anxious and understated, I very much like this new one from Noah Gundersen.

‘The Woman’- Jimi Charles Moody
You guys, I think Jimi Charles Moody is on the cusp of being something big.

‘Pray For Rain’- Pure Bathing Culture
It’s so goddamn hot outside. This sounds perfect.

‘All My Life I Have Been Running’- Evening Hymns
This song needs an open road and a car with the pedal pressed to the floor.

‘Lion’s Heart’- Eliza & The Bear
This song used to be called ‘The Southern Wild.’ I’m not sure this is ‘better,’ but I loved the original and this is the same song but a little slicker, and thus I love it, too.

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