burnt – a mix

Well, it took longer than normal, but I finally got a sunburn last weekend. This of course means that summer has now gone on for too long and I am done with it, which sucks because we are now in the longest, hottest, most-terrible portion of the year. Here’s a soundtrack for right now, the moment when it feels like we are all melting. Enjoy.

(listen via the embedded player above or click here to listen on 8tracks. or click here to go to a playlist on Spotify that has *most of* the songs from this mix and the other two summer mixes I’ve made.)

1. Forget You In LA- Poema
2. unsaid- flor
3. Saltwater- Geowulf
4. Harlem- Cathedrals
5. Forces- Japanese Wallpaper feat Airling
6. Leave A Trace- Chvrches
7. Push Pull- Purity Ring
8. Foolish- Alpine
9. Gone- JR JR
10. When I Get Older- Wild Party
12. Illusion- Beat Connection
13. Real June- Seoul
14. Yes I’m Changing- Tame Impala
15. Tide Teeth- Night Beds
16. Loud Places- Jamie xx

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