catching up

It’s been awhile- let’s talk tunes.

‘Great Tide’- Phil Cook
This is very easily my favorite song that’s come out in the last few weeks. It’s five minutes and twenty seconds of perfection.

‘Stay On My Shore’- Joan Shelley
Mmmmm yes, yes this is what lovely sounds like.

‘I Want To Feel Alive’- The Lighthouse and The Whaler
Here’s the thing: this is great.

‘Something More Than Free’- Jason Isbell
So, good news: this new Jason Isbell album is probably going to rip your heart out.

‘Pacing’- Tep No
It’s gonna be super hot for the next week. I’m gonna probably get sunburned listening to this song.

‘A Long Time Ago’- Kalle Mattson
Well, this is something that I like very much, yes.

‘Endless String’- Hilang Child
I’m probably going to spend a day soon just listening to this on repeat while I daydream. That’ll be a good day.

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