catching up

Oh, guys and girls, we have new tunes to talk about.

‘No No No’- Beirut
The thing about Beirut is their songs are always pretty and always contain approximately one and a half verses of words. I love them so much.

‘Ditchdigger’- Tyler Lyle
This is one of my very favorite songs Tyler Lyle has ever written, a song that introduces who he is and what he’s doing. I’m so happy his new album is out in the world. Go buy it– it’s well worth your time and money.

‘Nobody Knows’- Misun
So, uh, this is a jam. Also, part of me always hopes they are going to break into ‘Bennie and the Jets’ at some point, and even though I know they won’t, I always keep that hope alive.

‘Smooth Sailin”- Leon Bridges
You already know I love Leon. This song doesn’t change that.

‘Settle Down’- Palace
Not sure I’m ever going to get tired of this guy’s voice. Man alive.

‘Home’- Tom Misch
Impeccable and incredibly catchy, as all Tom Misch tunes tend to be.

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