‘These Are The Mountains Moving’- Fort Frances

As tends to happen when I hear a song that I immediately fall in love with, I know where I was when I first heard ‘These Are The Mountains Moving.’ Last July on my girlfriend’s birthday we watched Fort Frances play a (probably not permitted) set in an alley between Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Art and the building adjacent to it when sometime in the back half of the set David sat down at the piano and played through a song I hadn’t heard from them before. There wasn’t so much as a word of introduction, nor any to follow-up, and I remember just sort of standing there silently after the last notes faded before leaning over and saying ‘That was a thing’ to my girlfriend. I had just moved to Colorado a few months earlier, and just started my job earlier that month, so my feelings didn’t stand much of a chance against a song about mountains and taking chances and growing up. Thing is: they still don’t. I’m sure I’ve said it here before, and I know I’ve told him directly, but David McMillin is becoming one of my favorite songwriters, and ‘These Are The Mountains’ might be my favorite song he’s penned.

Beyond excited to present the premiere of this tremendous live video of the band playing this song I love so much.

Fort Frances released their brand new EP, No One Needs To Know Our Name, last week. It’s absolutely phenomenal and well worth your money. Enjoy.

Bonus: Here’s an ‘unplugged’ version of the tune that’s included on that aforementioned new EP. I obviously love this version very much.

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One Response to ‘These Are The Mountains Moving’- Fort Frances

  1. Aaron says:

    I just saw those guys here in Indy last month. They put on a great, great live show.

    Two very enthusiastic thumbs up for the live show and the new EP!

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