catching up

Man, this has been a pretty tremendous week for the musics.

‘These Are The Mountains Moving’- Fort Frances
I’ll have a lot more words about this next week, but yeah, this is a thing. Wow.

‘Deadwater’- Wet
This is pop song is beyond exceptional.

‘Haunted By You’- Future Islands
Thing I’m going to do after work sometime soon: put this song on repeat and sip some sort of drink (bourbon, likely) on my front porch. I think it’s going to be a really good time.

‘Moony Eyed Walrus’- Cayucas
Pretty sure this new Cayucas album is what that really weird, sunburned portion of summer is going to sound like.

‘Saltwater’- Geowulf
A perfectly hazy summer jam, this one.

‘Thule’- Hilang Child
Here’s the conclusion I’ve come to about Hilang Child: all his/their songs are beautiful.

‘I Of The Storm’- Of Monsters and Men
Sure, I’ve got my own feelings about Of Monsters and Men, but I won’t even pretend I can deny this is a great song.

‘Sound & Color’- Alabama Shakes
The record Alabama Shakes released the other week is easily my favorite album that’s come out in 2015. The title track is one of my favorites, and this video is the kind of weird, wonderful, ambitious sort of thing that permeates the whole album.

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