catching up

Parents are on their way, so we’ll do this a little early this week. Below you’ll find some real good tunes that showed up on my radar over the last week. I think you may even like some/a few/all of them.

”Cause I’m A Man’- Tame Impala
You know what? Let’s slow it down and get kinda sensual right away, okay?

‘Sunshine On My Back’- The National
Nah, nevermind, let’s get kinda sad and brooding, you guys.

‘City On The Hill’- Desaparecidos
No, no- let’s get loud and angry and political. And catchy. So catchy,

‘Take It Back’- Liza Anne
Actually, I’m feeling more like a sad pop song right now.

‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ (Drake Cover)- Bear’s Den
On second thought, I want to listen to the studio version of one of my favorite covers in awhile.

‘Seoul’- Wangel
Wait wait- how about a swirling, lovely, robot-ish-voiced jam? Yep, let’s listen.

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2 Responses to catching up

  1. phillip says:

    Hey champ, you linked the Liza Anne song twice.

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