catching up

Tunes. Let’s talk about some.

‘David’s Wolves’- Hip Hatchet
I first heard ‘David’s Wolves’ about a year and a half ago as part of Hip Hatchet’s magnificent Daytrotter session (you can hear that take here) and have been waiting rather (im)patiently for a finished version since. The wait was worth it, because this is one of the finest songs released so far this year. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this album.

‘Run Baby Run’- Toro Y Moi
This is about as refreshing as it gets, kids. Two minutes and forty five seconds of tremendous pop right here.

‘Nobody Looks Like You’- Donovan Woods
Donovan Woods is working on a new album, which makes me very happy. What really ups the happy, if you will, is that he dropped this little working version of a new song called ‘Nobody Looks Like You’ on Soundcloud the other day. This one’s a gem.

‘Foolish’- Alpine
You should probably just go ahead and add this one to your ‘summer jamz’ playlist, kids.

‘Alligator Years’- Twinsmith
Yeah, just go ahead and add this to that ‘summer jamz’ playlist, too. Damn is this catchy.

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