catching up

Hey, kids. It’s been a little bit of time. Let’s talk about tunes.

‘Waitress’- Hop Along
I love the slightly unhinged nature of this, all power chords and vocals that lurch back and forth between singing and yelling. I’ve played this probably 85 times the last week, I’d say, which seems like a lot but should be more.

‘Coffee’ (Sylvan Esso cover)- Bear’s Den
What happens when a band you love covers another band you love? Good things, you guys. We need more bands we love covering other bands we love, because we deserve good things.

‘Worship’- Years & Years
In a just and fair world Years & Years would be pop stars and touring the world and be all over the radio. We do not live in a just and fair world, but we still get to enjoy them and all that stuff. How about you just go ahead and hit play and dance it out? Yes, yes let’s do that.

‘Let Me Down’- The Staves
You want to hear something really pretty? Of course you do.

‘Future People’- Alabama Shakes
Hey, you. Yeah, you. Let’s get kinda weird.

‘Still’- The Japanese House
I’m kinda pumped to get super sunburned to this song this summer.

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