catching up

Winter is dead.

‘Anonymous’- Fort Frances
This song sounds like spring. Goddamn does it sound good. (And you can download it for free by clicking that little downward arrow, which is rad. The dudes from Fort Frances are generous like that.)

‘Portland, Maine’- Donovan Woods
Donovan Woods wrote this and then Tim McGraw recorded it and now Donovan recorded it. As my friend Courtney said: I believe Donovan might not know where Portland, Maine is (he does, duh), but I don’t believe Tim doesn’t, and therefore I like Donovan’s version much better.

‘Should Have Known Better’- Sufjan Stevens
Well, guys and girls, there’s a good chance this new Sufjan record is going to just gut every single one of us and leave us in a puddle of feelings. I’d say it’s likely, even.

‘The World Ender’- Lord Huron
When I listen to ‘The World Ender’ I feel like I should have just done something that was illegal and I should be driving through a very hot, dusty landscape on my way to freedom. I am a square so this wouldn’t ever happen, but it’s nice to dream, kids.

‘Half A Native’- Buxton
Grab a sunset, you guys, and have a listen to this tune from Buxton. That’s nice, isn’t it?

‘Love More’ (Sharon Van Etten cover)- Justin Vernon (featuring Aaron & Bryce Dessner)
Soooooooooooooooo this is a thing that happened in real life. Whoa.

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