catching up

Here’s what I’ve been listening to as winter tries to win.

This is very likely the song that I’ve listened to the most times so far in 2015. Absolutely perfect, this one.

‘Gimme All Your Love’- Alabama Shakes
This new, more aggressive sound from the Shakes? I’m a big fan of it. Goodness.

‘Depreston’- Courtney Barnett
A bit meandering and a lot wordy and full of sharp observations and wit, this new one from Courtney Barnett is tremendously wonderful. Absolutely cannot wait for this record.

‘The Measure’- Joe Pug
Joe Pug’s new album comes out next week. I haven’t heard it yet, but I’m going to go out on a big limb and say it’s very likely going to be heartbreakingly beautiful and full of great songwriting.

‘Ruckers Hill’- Husky
Those harmonies throughout this one? That’s about as good as it gets, you guys.

‘Make It Holy’- The Staves
Yeah, so this forthcoming album from The Staves seems like it’s going to be a haymaker to the feelings. I can’t wait.

‘Quarterback’- Kopecky
Did I expect Sleigh Bells-esque guitars from the Kopecky’s? No, no I did not. But good lord is this a catchy jam.

‘Our Eyes’- Lucy Rose
Also catchy (and very lovely): this new one from Lucy Rose. This will be in heavy rotation in summer, I think (and also while I dream about summer).

‘Our Love Is Over Now’- Ski Lodge
This is what this portion of winter sounds like, I think, all cold and beautiful and like a punch in the gut.

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