catching up

Another batch of real good tunes for your ears.

‘Trials, Troubles, Tribulations’ (E.C. Ball)- Sounds of the South
What happens when you have Justin Vernon, Sharon Van Etten, Matthew E. White and members of Megafaun and Fight The Big Bull cover an old folk-gospel tune? Magic, that’s what. Goodness.

‘No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross’- Sufjan Stevens
Heartbreaking, vulnerable Sufjan is back. It’s so, so good to hear from him again.

‘Capital’- Jon Lawless ft. Daniela Andrade
Some sadly sweet pop right here, which sounds real nice in the middle of winter.

‘Her Tears’- Bear’s Den
Know what else sounds real nice in the middle of winter? A new Bear’s Den song.

‘Under A Rock’- Waxahatchee
Getting very, very excited for this new Waxahatchee album. This is 2+ minutes of crunchy goodness.

‘Eleven Eleven’- Donovan Woods
At first I was like ‘WHERE IS SAD BASTARD DONOVAN? I AM CONFUSED AND MUST TYPE IN ALL CAPS ABOUT HIM RECORDING A POP SONG.’ And now I’ve listened to this about 87 times, soooooooo I kinda like it? (I do. It’s a pop gem.)

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