catching up

New week, more great tunes. Let’s get to it.

‘Fool For Love’- Lord Huron
Hey, remember when I said the first single from the forthcoming Lord Huron album was the best thing I had heard this young year? THIS is actually the best thing I’ve heard in 2015. Damn.

‘Don’t Wanna Fight’- Alabama Shakes
Thing I very much like: the direction this new tune from Alabama Shakes takes the band. A little more edge to it, a little more aggression. Very good.

‘Coward’s Luck’- Hip Hatchet
Hip Hatchet will have a new album out, and the first single is a lovely, lushly redone version of an old tune of theirs. It’s tremendous.

‘Gasoline’- The Local Strangers
Also with a new album coming out: my friends The Local Strangers, whose new record will be out in March. Here’s the tremendous first single from it. So, so excited for you all to hear the rest of it- think you’re gonna love it.

‘Falafel’- Tom Misch
Pretty sure this dude only creates stuff that is ridiculously catchy.

‘Hey Love’- Hayden
This new album from Hayden is going to be the soundtrack to spring, I think.

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