catching up

Tunes: some good ones came out recently. They are below (as well as one not so recently posted one that I just got into and wanted to share cause you like good music, right? Yes.).

‘Bright Beginnings’- Joe Pug
Man alive, Joe Pug, why you gotta write songs that cut so deep? (No no, it’s cool Joe, I like it.)

‘Pedestrian At Best’- Courtney Barnett
Courtney Barnett just wants to rock and be sarcastic and be awesome and not give any damns. I want to let her do all those things.

‘Zero In The City’- Great Lake Swimmers
This new song from Great Lake Swimmers is about as lush and gorgeous and weather-appropriate as it gets.

‘My Baby Don’t Understand Me’- Natalie Prass
The thing about this Natalie Prass song is that it’s lovely and somehow includes delicate woodwinds, really warm brass and some real sexy guitar. I dunno, man, she somehow pulls it off.

‘American Beauty’- Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors
Not new, but I am altogether stuck on this song.

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