catching up

Basically this week has been awesome. Here’s why.

‘The Night We Met’- Lord Huron
Dreamy and heartbreaking and lovely and all of the things you want in a Lord Huron song, ‘The Night We Met’ is probably the best tune I’ve heard so far this young year.

‘Nowhere We Cannot Go’- Hayden
It is so incredibly good to know there’s a new album coming from Hayden before the end of March. Missed him and his sweetly sad, altogether perfect tunes.

‘Spat Spit Out’- Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
Hey guys and girls? You might want to get on the Lady Lamb the Beekeeper bandwagon. And quick. So much catchy, weird wonderfulness going on here, to say nothing of those lyrics. Man.

‘Being In Love’ (Jason Molina cover)- Glen Hansard
Glen Hansard is releasing an entire EP of Jason Molina covers? Yes, please.

‘Dreaming Backward’- David McMillin
You know what’s fun? Hearing a songwriter absolutely in a groove, writing song after song in their strongest, most assured voice. That’s what we are hearing right now with David, and it sounds so good.

‘Do You Remember’- Jarryd James
Oops, you just got pregnant.

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