catching up

Another week, another batch of songs you really need in your life. Enjoy.

‘Saints & Crows’- Balto
There’s a new album coming from Balto at some point. I’m guessing it’s going to be real good, cause they are real good. Here, listen to the first single.

‘Sedona’- Houndmouth
Houndmouth announced their sophomore album Little Neon Limelite, due out March 17th yesterday, and hooked us up with a new single. To say I’m excited about this new album is a pretty big understatement. I love this band.

‘How Could You Babe’- Tobias Jesso Jr.
Tobias Jesso Jr. also has an album due out March 17th, and also released a new single yesterday. I am also VERY excited about this album.

‘I Don’t Want To Let You Down’- Sharon Van Etten
No new album from Sharon Van Etten, but she put out another tremendous song last week. She’s basically the best.

‘Leaf Off / The Cave’- Jose Gonzalez
You know what’s nice? Having new music from Jose Gonzalez in our lives.

‘To Be King’- Andy Oliveri
Something gorgeous and sparse since it’s winter, thanks to Andy Oliveri.


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