catching up

So maybe this is just how we’ll do things (weekly posts with some songs) going forward (unless something smacks me in the face and I need to post it)? Maybe. Anyhow, here some tunes I think you need to hear.

‘Fields’- Liu Bei ft Rachel Goswell
This is the audio equivalent of a sleepy, gray, mid-winter day. I love it.

‘Stay and Dance’- Joe Pug
The thing about Joe Pug is that he cannot write a bad song. This is no different.

‘begin again’- Purity Ring
I missed Purity Ring and their use of Cash Money-style drums more than I can properly articulate. This is a jam.

‘Easy’- Nathaniel Rateliff
That thing I said about Joe Pug? It applies to Nathaniel Rateliff, too.

‘Peaches’- The Districts
It’s been awhile since we had a really great song about peaches, huh? The Districts are here to fix that.

‘Air’- Waxahatchee
Very much love this beautifully brooding new one from Waxahatchee, yes I do.

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