my favorite songs of 2014, part 2

I thought this year I’d do the year end song stuff a little differently than I have in the past, so today you get part 2 of the songs I liked best this year. There’s no order to the songs (I like some more than others, sure, but I like all the songs you’ll hear), so it didn’t seem really important to me to make one huge list, and thus I’ll be rolling out my favorite songs of the year via a new 25 song (the last one may have more) playlist each Friday in December (so there will be 100 or so total songs). This will give you a chance to listen without being overwhelmed, and it will give me a chance to make this list without getting overwhelmed. Win/win, really. Anyhow, here’s the second batch of 25 of the songs I liked best in 2014. Enjoy!

(listen via the embedded player above or click here to listen on 8tracks)
1. Summertime- Lowell
2. You’re With Me- Ark Life
3. Heavenly Father- Bon Iver
4. Southern Grammar- Hiss Golden Messenger
5. 1936- PHOX
6. Hotel- The Antlers
7. Seasons (Waiting On You)- Future Islands
8. Family And Genus- Shakey Graves
9. Let The Great World Spin- Ryan Tanner
10. Ring The Bell- White Hinterland
11. Better Man- Leon Bridges
12. Youth- Ben Khan
13. Love Ain’t Enough- The Barr Brothers
14, Gold Silver Diamond- Generationals
15. Justice- Miss America
16. To Me- Chet Faker
17. Shaky Hand- Quiet Life
18. If I’m Unworthy- Blake Mills
19. Sun Goes Out- Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes
20. I Can’t Live Without My Mothers Love- Sun Kil Moon
21. Veins- Palace
22. The Whip- Jesse Marchant
23. Ditchdigger- Tyler Lyle
24. What’s On Your Mind- Greyhounds
25. Decision Day- Field Report

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