catching up

It’s been a crazy week, life-wise, and a really fruitful one, music-wise. Let’s talk about some tunes, shall we?

‘Me, Liquor & God’- Night Beds
This new Night Beds track is tremendous. At the complete opposite end of the spectrum from anything on Country Sleep, but it still works. Absolutely cannot wait for a new album, and a new direction, from Winston and company.

‘She Is Spirit’ (Live at Abbey Road)- Motopony
I’ve posted this song around here before, but damn is this a perfect take.

‘Billions of Eyes’- Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
Hey guys and girls? Ya’ll should get excited about the Lady Lamb the Beekeeper album coming in March. Also, last album around she had a press photo that was just herĀ eating peanut butter off a spoon, which is amazing in every single way.

‘Only Names’- Dalton
Did I have this dreamy, exceptional new tune from Dalton on repeat today for a good few hours? Yes, yes I did.

‘Indian Summer’- River City Extension
This track just builds and builds and builds and builds and builds and gets better and better and better. It’s a little ridiculous how great this is.

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