fall fell from August – a mix

It’s been a blur since we moved into our house in the middle of the summer- lots of boxes to unpack, ‘gigantic man furniture,’ as my girlfriend has dubbed the stuff I moved across country, to situate, guests to entertain, a new commute to learn, a new city (and time zone) to get used to and if you’re our puppy, a whole new set of corners and baseboards to smell.  It’s only in the last month or so that we’ve really settled in to this happy, comfortable new life we’ve made for ourselves in this little house whose light always seems to be golden. It’s the life I came out here for, and it’s a life that makes me very happy on a daily basis. These are the songs that I’ve been listening to as it’s all taken shape and the trees have been changing colors. Enjoy.

(listen via the embedded player above or click here to listen on 8tracks)

1. Lucia- Hiss Golden Messenger
2. If I’m Unworthy- Blake Mills
3. Flowering- Tweedy
4. Veins- Palace
5. Long Distance- The Districts
6. Reminders, Defeats- Jesse Marchant
7. Love Ain’t Enough- The Barr Brothers
8. Marigolden- Field Report
9. Heavenly Father- Bon Iver
10. Tunnel- The Bronze Medal
11. Bad Blood- Bear’s Den
12. Dark Side Of The Moon- Chris Staples
13. Master Pretender- First Aid Kit
14. Pansy Waltz- Shakey Graves
15. Marrow In The Morrow- Jay William Henderson
16. It Just Got Weird- Donovan Woods and Robyn Dell’Unto
17. Why Do I Try- Horse Feathers
18. Lay Low (Shovels & Rope cover)- Noah Gundersen
19. August and Everything After (Counting Crows cover)- David McMillin

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