catching up

Hey, so it’s been awhile, huh? Here’s some of what I’ve been listening to lately, all of which I think you’ll really like.

‘Chapter And Verse’- Hiss Golden Messenger
Lateness of Dancers, the latest offering from Hiss Golden Messenger, has been the soundtrack to more days lately than I can count. It’s gorgeous through and through and might be my favorite record released this year. Nevermind, it is.


‘Dead End Thanks’- Horse Feathers
This new Horse Feathers album, So It Is With Us, is some kind of tremendous and beautiful, guys and girls. ‘Dead End Thanks’ is my favorite tune, but there isn’t a bad one amongst the 10-song bunch.


‘Walking With A Stranger’- Chris Staples
I went to a house show featuring Chris Staples last night. He opened with this song, one of my favorites released this year, and everyone just sat in stunned silence for a few seconds after the last note faded out. I’m still kinda on a high from it. What a lovely, warm tune.


‘Love Ain’t Enough’- The Barr Brothers
This tune from The Barr Brothers is so heartbreakingly good. Mannnnn.



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