‘August And Everything After’ (Counting Crows cover)- David McMillin

A couple weeks back I got an email from my friend David McMillin asking if I had any ideas of covers he should try and learn for his debut Daytrotter session. My first suggestion on the list, I believe, was ‘August And Everything After,’ the lost title track of one of my favorite records ever. I didn’t expect him to cover it (it’s a long track, and he was recording his session the next day), but I was obviously hoping he would. Well, Friday I got an email with the recording you hear below, and, well, it’s as tremendous and stunning as I had hoped when I made the request. Man oh man, this song (and this cover), you guys. Enjoy.


Bonus: Here’s David playing another song on just the piano, my favorite Fort Frances (of which he is the lead singer) tune ‘The City By The Sea.’

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