catching up

So, it was really quiet around here last week, huh? It’s not that there wasn’t anything good put out into the world last week, it’s just that I was pretty caught up in life and such. Anyhow, let’s take a look/listen to a few tracks that showed up last week that are really good and need to be in your ears.

‘Get Down’- Motopony
This new Motopony jam is some grandiose and slightly weird pop music. Just how I like it.

‘Vessel’- Dan Mangan + Blacksmith
Dan Mangan is back with a new band and sound. Good news: he’s still awesome. Very happy to have new music from Dan.

‘Above The Clouds of Pompeii’- Bear’s Den
Goddamn. I’ll leave my feelings about releasing a rerecording of a previously released single for another time (spoiler: not a huge fan), and just leave this here because there’s never a bad day to hear ‘Pompeii’ (you’ll never get me to call it the new name).

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