‘Dearly Departed’- Shakey Graves (feat. Esmé Patterson)

Normally you get all excited by early live versions of songs only to hear the finished version and not be all that jazzed. Was I very worried about that with ‘Dearly Departed,’ a song that’s probably shown up in more posts around here than any in the history of this little blog? OH I MEAN MAYBE YES VERY MUCH SO. But. BUT. You guys…. this is ridiculously good. Not sure how they did it, but they took all the promise and energy of the videos we’ve seen of the song being performed and made it sound bigger and more energetic and better. Damn.

Needless to say, …And the War Came is the the album I’m most looking forward to during the rest of 2014. The good news? You can pre-order it right now in all sorts of formats. The bad news? You have to wait until October 7th to hear the whole thing. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to ‘Dearly Departed’- Shakey Graves (feat. Esmé Patterson)

  1. Russel Braum says:

    I’m so glad he included this track on the new album. It is witty both musically and lyrically. I have set reminders for the date this album is released. I cant wait!!

  2. listened to this song approximately 47 times yesterday after discovering it in your Monday Links. will be following him around like a puppy dog at Pickathon this weekend in hopes that I get to hear it live.

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