The last six months to a year have been an absolute blur of life and change. I met a terrific lady, lost my job, moved home, moved out to Colorado without a job, moved in with that terrific lady I mentioned before and, finally, got a new job. I am not someone who likes change and uncertainty, and yet that’s what the last while of my life has been, though now things are more certain and better than they’ve been in quite some time. 

While music is still important to me, I don’t have the time and energy to dig through the endless amounts of not very good stuff every day to find that one song I believe in. Some days there’s not a lot of digging involved- someone just releases something awesome- but it’s seemed more and more like an obligation lately and less like something fun to do, which was the whole point of this blog to begin with. I suppose I’m very lucky that it took 3+ years for it to get to this point. 

Anyhow, when I originally started the blog I had this grand idea that I could hunt down something every day to post, and for a good while I did. Then I started to only do things on weekdays (and maybe a post on the weekends), because, well because that’s just what felt like what I wanted to do. 

So, where does that bring us? Well, where it brings us is here: I’m not at all interested in killing the site, but what I am going to do is switch to posting only on Monday’s (because Monday Links is one of my favorite things to put together) and when something catches my ear (I am still deaf in my left ear, that hasn’t changed) that I think you need to hear. Oh, and mixes. Those will still be here. There will be some weeks when maybe I’m posting every day, because the week is fruitful and your ears should be happy during those weeks. There may be some weeks where maybe it’s just Monday Links and that’s it, because sometimes the world is cruel. Who knows. What I’m hoping for is that this will lead to a) a site that is focused more on good songs and putting those good songs in the ears of the few people who stop by here every day and b) a happier life.

This was a whole lot of words for a change that really isn’t all that much of a change. If you like what’s posted here then there will still be those good types of things posted here, because good music deserves to be shared. And because I like you. Yep, you. 

Thanks for sticking around here and all those things for the last 3+ years. I appreciate it more than I can say. I’ll be seeing you soon (just not today, cause I couldn’t find a song).

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9 Responses to changes

  1. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for all the effort you put into the site. I’ll be here on future Mondays…and those other days you’ve got something to share. Take care!

  2. Kobus says:

    Wow for a second there….. Awesome glad you are still doing Monday’s… I love your site!

  3. Ed Brady says:

    Your posts over the past couple of years have led me to find some great music that has become a big part of my life. Happy for you that life is good. Look forward to finding new music through you and other bloggers you have introduced me too as we all continue to grow.

  4. Cheers to a happier life. I’ll be here if you post once a day or once a year. 🙂
    p.s. saw Houndmouth last night – pretty sure I discovered them through you! Thanks for doing the leg work so we can hear the good tunes.

  5. Helen says:

    This deserves a response. Thank you very sincerely for posting for the last few years. I’ve enjoyed reading, listening, and having occasional banter. The amount of effort that goes into an activity like this shouldn’t be under estimated – and although you get something out of it as a blogger it does take time. Echoing comments above, good to see you’re not vanishing completely. And enjoy the happiness you’ve earnt.

  6. Devin says:

    Thanks for the time you have put into this. You have shaped new ways of listening for me and and introduced me to great music I would have otherwise missed that I have connected with and have attached to moments in my life and memories that will last a long long time. It’s appreciated.

  7. Claire Helene says:

    Ditto what everyone said above. Thanks for all the time you have spent. Nice to meet a kindred spirit! Glad you’ll still be posting Mondays and those mixes. I need those mixes. It’s funny how my own music consumption has shifted, but your ferreting out good stuff has been very helpful to me. I wish you all the happiness with everything!

  8. phillip says:

    I follow a good number of music blogs but yours is the only one where I will check out everything you post just because I’ve enjoyed just about everything so far. That being said, I’m glad that you’ll continue the blog and will look forward to your Monday posts. Those were always a great pick-me-up at the start of the week.

  9. Can’t blame you for feeling that way. I got there long before you man. Looking forward to whatever you do from here on out. Glad to hear you’re in a good place these days. Colorado is as beautiful as it gets.

    Funny that you mentioned your deafness in this post. I was listening to The Allman Bros. this weekend and wondered what ear you were deaf in because Duane is often on the left channel. Now I have my answer. And yes, this is the way my mind works.

    Be well.

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