a quick roundup

Well, I took a few weeks off and I’m going to be taking tomorrow off, you know, cause of America. There’s been a ton of great music released lately that I’ve wanted to share, so I decided I’m just going to do a little roundup post of all that goodness instead of trying to pretend I can write a bunch of separate posts. Hope you find something you enjoy!

‘Cover Up’- Lucy Rose
This doesn’t sound like the Lucy Rose we all know and love, and that’s kind of why I love it. A shuffling, quickly delivered jam, this one.

‘Stronger Than That’- Bahamas
Everything Afie touches turns to gold.

‘Am Gone’- Adult Jazz
Weird and shifty? Sure. Real good? Undoubtably.

‘Dust’- Little May
Maybe the most lovely song I’ve heard the last few weeks…

‘Even the Darkness Has Arms’- The Barr Brothers
…or maybe that title goes to this one.

‘Sleep Forever (Demo)’- Black Honey
A hazy little number tailor-made for the dog days of summer.

‘Memory’- Tom Misch
The steel drums on this one are perfection.

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