‘Black & White’- JMR

One of the most pleasant surprises so far in 2014 has been JMR. While Joshua M. Robinson has been making music for awhile, he just started releasing his work under the JMR moniker in the last few months. ‘Black & White’ is an older song (listen to the original here), but it sounds much different in the below video with just an acoustic guitar and Robinson’s gorgeous voice. We can only hope it finds some new life under the JMR tag. Enjoy.


Bonus: I never did get around to posting JMR’s electric second single, ‘Closer,’ around here. You need to hear it, so it’s below.


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One Response to ‘Black & White’- JMR

  1. Cate says:

    Great song! I just realized hes also in The Careful Ones…no wonder I love his music.

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