‘The Glow’- Esmé Patterson

Maybe you didn’t know, but Esmé Patterson released one of the finest records of 2014 so far today in the form of Woman To Woman. A 7-song collection of songs written from the perspective of the women who were made famous in the titles of classic songs, it’s smart, bold and altogether well-written, the rare concept album that sounds fresh.

It’s superb from start to finish, but I’ve been stuck on ‘The Glow’ today, a lovely, bright tune written from the perspective of Caroline (of The Beach Boys’ ‘Caroline, No’ fame). Take a listen to it below and then be sure to head here (for vinyl/cd) or here (for mp3s) to grab the whole tremendous record for yourself. Enjoy.

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One Response to ‘The Glow’- Esmé Patterson

  1. Russel Braum says:

    I gotta say, but I’m not normally a big fan of female singer song writers. Not sure why, but esme definitely has my attention. Thanks for the post.

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