lost and found – a mix

Last week I went through my annual iTunes purge, eliminating around 7000 or so songs I disliked/was indifferent to so that I could once again, at least for a short while, be able to put my iPod on shuffle and not lose my mind. In the process of removing the clutter I was able to reconnect with a bunch of songs that had fallen through the cracks and went unplayed for a long while. Below is a mix of those songs- some you’ve heard before, hopefully a good deal of them you haven’t. Enjoy.

(listen via the embedded player above or click here to listen on 8tracks)

1. When I Am Gone- Sparrow House
2. Hymn 101- Joe Pug
3. Little Lovin’- Lissie
4. Metamora- Conrad Plymouth
5. Zombies of the Sea- Hoquiam
6. Zorbing- Stornoway
7. Broken Throat- Adam Arcuragi
8. I Was Only Going Out- Loney, Dear
9. Put the Days Away- Sun Airway
10. So Glad I’m Coming Home- Langhorne Slim
11. Granny’s Song- The Old Believers
12. If the Ocean Runs Dry- Fort Frances
13. Locomotive- Alex Winston
14. Two Hearts- Keegan Dewitt
15. Own Side- Caitlin Rose
16. Six O’Clock News (Kathleen Edwards cover)- Paul Jacobson & The Madison Arm
17. East- The Weather Station
18. Gone the Bells (demo version)- Cotton Jones
19. Rum Hee (Deerhoof remix)- Shugo Tokumaru
20. Trouble Around My Soul- Tumbling Bones
21. To Build A home- The Cinematic Orchestra
22. Ends In The Ocean- Avalanche City
23. Haywire- The Jayhawks
24. Last Year- Akron/Family
25. Walking in the Sun- Fink
26. Bruised- The Bens
27. Yes We Can (Part 1)- Lee Dorsey
28. ‘Til the End of Time (feat V)- Timothy Bloom
29. Aubrey- Jake Troth
30. Momentary Drowning- Young Coyotes

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One Response to lost and found – a mix

  1. CM says:

    Funny, as MOST of those have ALWAYS been part of my iPhone shuffle!
    (Meaning that I think I love this mix even more than the others your post!)

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