‘Nowhere Now’- Matthew and the Atlas

As I listened this morning to ‘Nowhere Now,’ the latest single from Matthew and the Atlas, I was reminded of a conversation I’ve had with many people, both fans like myself and a few musicians, about the downside of one-off session recordings and the attachments/expectations they create with fans to songs that aren’t yet complete. ‘Nowhere Now’ is a reworked version of ‘Animal Bones,’ a song that I posted a few years back around here after it was included as part of a session Matthew and the band recorded for Reverb. Outside of a good portion of the lyrics, ‘Nowhere Now’ actually sounds almost nothing like the banjo-laden, harmony-rich ‘Animal Bones’ that I (and many others) fell in love with (to the point that one of the first comments on the video for the song posted today was someone complaining about the differences between the tracks).

You know what? I kinda love this new incarnation of the song. Do I miss some of the stuff of the old version? Sure, of course, but I can appreciate the growth of Matthew Hegarty as an artist, appreciate that he’s doing something different, and most of all appreciate that he took a great song, layered it up/moved some things around, and made it into another great song.

Matthew and the Atlas will be releasing Other Rivers, which I’m very much looking forward to and which you can pre-order here, on April 15th. Enjoy.


Just for reference/fun, here’s ‘Animal Bones’:

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