‘Out of the Darkness’ / ‘Everything That Dies’ – Matthew and the Atlas

Thing I do a lot of: finding an artist, loving their sound, and then only giving them a small amount of wiggle room for changing from release to release. Thing I need to stop doing: That, because it’s dumb and stupid and it kept me from listening to these two great Matthew and the Atlas tracks for months, all because it didn’t sound like the lovely, banjo-y Matthew and the Atlas I expected. So yes, I feel very silly about being such a dumb music prejudicer . But. BUT. Now I am a changed man, so that’s good, right? (It’s not- I will do the same dumb thing soon with a different artist.)

Anyhow, take a listen these two positively terrific tracks and get very, very excited for Other Rivers, which comes out April 14th. Enjoy.


(Thanks, Faith, for the swift kick in the ass.)

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3 Responses to ‘Out of the Darkness’ / ‘Everything That Dies’ – Matthew and the Atlas

  1. lizsamdog says:

    Reblogged this on The Fat Angel Sings and commented:
    I adore this guys vocal and they are such a great live band

  2. CM says:

    I have been listening to “everything that dies” since the day it came out, which I think was last July?!?!?!

  3. CM says:

    Check out the first few songs on this mix… The Matthew Atlas song segues beautifully into…

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