I want to hold you in the bible black pre-dawn. – a mix

Below is a little mix I made yesterday morning over some coffee. Nothing new, but all stuff that sounds pretty perfect as you lazily waste a day away. Hope you enjoy.

(Listen via the embedded player above or click here to listen on 8tracks.)

1. ‘Years/Cleo’s Song’- JBM
2. ‘Gone In Love’ (Fuel/Friends Chapel Session)- Kelli Schaefer
3. ‘Winter Is For Kierkegaard’ (Daytrotter Session)- Tyler Lyle
4. ‘3 Rounds And A Sound’ (Daytrotter Session)- Blind Pilot
5. ‘I’m Not Leaving’- Big Sur
6. ‘Lasan’ (Daytrotter Session)- Michael Kiwanuka
7. ‘Hand On Your Heart’ (Kylie Minogue cover)- Jose Gonzalez
8. ‘For Emma’ (Acoustic)- Bon Iver
9. ‘Sweetest In The Morning’ (HearYa Session)- Jill Andrews
10. ‘That Moon Song’- Gregory Alan Isakov
11. ‘Tonight You Belong To Me’- Josh Ritter
12. ‘Sittin’ Around’- Whiskeytown
13. ‘Cloudy Shoes’ (Damien Jurado cover)- Al James
14. ‘I Can See The Pines Are Dancing’ (HearYa Session)- A.A. Bondy
15. ‘Signal Flare’- Cataldo
16. ‘I’m Still Sweet’- Donovan Woods
17. ‘Each Coming Night’- Iron & Wine
18. ‘The Dream of Evan and Chan’- Ben Gibbard
19. ‘Silent Way’- Milo Greene
20. ‘I Will Let You Down’- The Local Strangers

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