it’s cold and I’ve been keeping score. – a mix

At some point in the last few weeks we crossed into that brutal, desolate stretch of winter when it seems like the season will never end and we will be forced to wear 8 layers of clothes and worry that our boogers will freeze when we go outside for the rest of our days. These are the songs that I’ve been listening to as that feeling has taken firm hold. These are the (mostly very sad, sorry) songs that have been trying to keep me warm. Enjoy.

(listen via the embedded player above or click here to listen on 8tracks)

1. In Now and Then- Cataldo
2. Gold- James Vincent McMorrow
3. The Breach- Dustin Tebbutt
4. A Picture Of Our Torn Up Praise (Live at St. Pancras Church)- Phosphorescent
5. Remember, Above (Daytrotter session)- Wye Oak
6. The Lake- DeYarmond Edison
7. Habits (Unplugged)- Fort Frances
8. Backwards/Forwards- Sarah Jaffe
9. Newspaper Gown- Damien Jurado
10. Sleep On the Plane- Donovan Woods
11. It Can’t Be You- Basia Bulat
12. Butter for Burns (The Devil Whale cover)- Mideau
13. Honest Song (Fuel/Friends Chapel Session)- Desirae Garcia
14. Steal Back- Aunt Martha
15. Gale Song- The Lumineers
16. Argue With Heaven- David Ramirez feat Summer Ames
17. Unofferable (Daytrotter session)- Half Moon Run
18. Island- Wyatt Overman
19. I Never Knew What I Saw In You (Folkadelphia session)- Vikesh Kapoor

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