‘In Now and Then’- Cataldo

Reconciling my conception of adulthood with actual adulthood.

That’s how Eric Anderson (the man behind Cataldo) describes Gilded Oldies, the group’s fantastic new album that’s due out March 4th. Having spent a good part of the last year-plus doing just that myself, I’d say that’s a pretty damn intriguing description. And having spent the last week or so obsessively listening to the album (and especially the final track, ‘Other Side’), I’d say it’s an absolutely perfect description of the songs and what the album tackles as a whole.

All of that is to say that you can a) listen to the first track off the album, ‘In Now and Then,’ below and (most importantly) b) pre-order Gilded Oldies right now. It’s absolutely worth it, promise. Enjoy.

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One Response to ‘In Now and Then’- Cataldo

  1. Jaelee says:

    This song describes my entire taste in music, and I don’t know how to characterize it when someone asks,

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