Ones to watch in 2014

Last year I wrote a little piece for my friend Katie about those artists I thought had a chance to break out in 2013. I hit on 3 of the 5, I think- the ones that I ‘missed’ on (Noah Gundersen and Shakey Graves) still toured and contributed to my (and a lot of people’s) 2013, they just didn’t release albums. I think 2014 is the year those two finally break out… along with the other 8 artists below.

James Vincent McMorrow
(quick note: I know James is well known already, but this new album is going to make him massive, I think. Seriously. It’s stunning. That’s why he’s here, despite having an album out and a good amount of people knowing who he is already.)

Conner Youngblood

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats


Dan Croll

Eliza and the Bear

Ark Life

Tyler Lyle

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2 Responses to Ones to watch in 2014

  1. That Rateliff tune does not get old. Not one bit. And I can’t wait to hear more Ark Life stuff get created.

  2. cate says:

    Fantastic post! Thanks!

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