winter2013 – a mix

somehow autumn brought me here again…

I tried to make this year’s winter mix different. I tried to make it happier, because this winter is much, much happier than the last (again: real sorry about that brutal bloodbath of a mix last winter). I tried to find songs that were more upbeat without being annoying (no one wants to listen to driving synths and loud beatz during winter). I tried, I really did.

It didn’t work. It felt disjointed and forced, like a struggle in mixtape form, and no matter how much I changed the order of the songs, or the songs themselves, it never felt ‘right’ SLASH always felt uncomfortable. So the other day I scrapped the whole thing and embraced the season to come and what I know it to be, not what I wanted to pretend it is. It’s silly to pretend that winter doesn’t make me think of sad, strummy songs, even if I’m happier right now than I’ve been in a year-plus. This mix of sad songs comes from a different place- they aren’t mashed together in an order meant to tell a lonely, desperate story like last year, no, these are cozy songs meant to sound good as you sip your coffee or hot chocolate and watch the snow fall outside (or try to warm up from being out in the elements)… they just mostly happen to be heartbreaking tunes.

So that’s the story behind the mix and the songs on it. I hope you enjoy it as the temperature trends downward, the days get heavier and soup becomes a part of every lunch and dinner. Enjoy.

(listen via the embedded player above, or click here to listen on 8tracks)

1. ‘Chaturanga’- Hilang Child
2. ‘”Let’s Play”/Status of a Man’- Mutual Benefit
3. ‘Homes and Photographs’- Small Houses
4. ‘The City By The Sea’- David McMillin of Fort Frances
5. ‘Friends’- Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
6. ‘Cigarettes’- Noah Gundersen
7. ‘Cover Me Up’- Jason Isbell
8. ‘How to Win’- Nathaniel Rateliff
9. ‘It Keeps Going’- Courtney Marie Andrews
10. ‘House Of Stone’- Mandolin Orange
11. ‘While You’re Carrying The Weight’- Patrick Dethlefs
12. ‘She Always Takes It Black’- Gregory Alan Isakov
13. ‘That’s How Strong My Love Is’ (Otis Redding)- Mike Clark & The Sugar Sounds
14. ‘Dog Physics’- Ings
15. ‘Everything Trying’ (Damien Jurado)- Night Beds
16. ‘Linens’- Water Liars
17. ‘Little Bird’- Lisa Hannigan
18. ‘David’s Wolves’- Hip Hatchet
19. ‘Young Men’ (demo)- Tyler Lyle

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2 Responses to winter2013 – a mix

  1. CM says:

    LOVEs this mix!!!
    Thank you for making & posting these!!!

  2. Always love your mixes. Your story along with the making of this one made me laugh. Glad you are in a happy place, but sometimes moody, strummy music is called for. Can’t wait to listen.

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