I Can Feel Them In The Air – a collaborative mix with Wake The Deaf

Two months ago (two months? Jesus, Adam) Jon from Wake The Deaf reached out to me asking if I would be interested in doing a sort of collaborative playlist with them centered around live recordings. I, of course, jumped at the chance because a) MIXES and b) live music. The mix itself has been ready for a month or so at this point, but I’ve found it tough to figure out how to write about it/live music since, though that seems silly.

You’ll hear all the reasons I love going and seeing shows so much. You’ll hear songs recorded with a crowd, and you’ll hear them done in sessions- they are all live, done in one take. You’ll hear songs pushed together in ways that they don’t show up on a record, like in JBM’s ‘Years/Cleo’s Song’ and ‘To Sing For You/Brand New Colony’ from Ben Gibbard. You’ll hear songs slowed down from their album version (‘Ocean Open Wide’), stripped down (‘Born To Run), in their infancy (‘Nobody But You,’ which later became ‘Boots Boy’) and filled with more energy that you’d ever hear in a studio (‘I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)’). You’ll hear things that have only happened once- sure, they may get played in the same way the next night on tour, but they will never be played EXACTLY like that ever again.

But you’ll only hear those things, you won’t feel them, which is where the real magic of live music is. You will hear Night Beds cover Damien Jurado’s ‘Everything Trying,’ but I can’t properly articulate how it felt to be in that chapel as Winston and his brother worked through it. You’ll hear the crowd going nuts and singing along with ‘Kathleen,’ but you won’t really know the feeling of joy in the room as Josh Ritter smile-sings the tune. Live recordings are great, sure, but experiencing those moments in person, surrounded by friends some times and strangers others, is something special.

That’s a lot of words to say this: live music is always worth the money and worth the trip. But you’re here, so you already know that. Enjoy.

(listen via the embedded player above or click here to listen on 8tracks)

1. ‘Years/Cleo’s Song’ (Daytrotter)- JBM
2. ‘Grown Ocean’ (Maida Vale) – Fleet Foxes
3. ‘Ghost Of The Beast’ (Fuel/Friends)- Kelli Schaefer
4. ‘Ocean Open Wide’ (Daytrotter)- Hoots & Hellmouth
5. ‘First Sight’ (Daytrotter)- These United States
6. ‘Nobody But You’ (Daytrotter)- Langhorne Slim
7. ‘Yellow’ (KCRW)- Coldplay
8. ‘Blackout’ (a capella)- Pickwick
9. ‘Everything Trying’ (Damien Jurado cover) (Fuel/Friends)- Night Beds
10. ‘I Won’t Be Found’ (Daytrotter)- The Tallest Man On Earth
11. ‘To Sing For You’ (Donovan cover)/’Brand New Colony’- Ben Gibbard
12. ‘Kathleen’- Josh Ritter
13. ‘Outfit’- Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit
14. ‘Acuff-Rose’- Jeff Tweedy
15. ‘Catapult’- Counting Crows
16. ‘Evening Kitchen’- Band of Horses
17. ‘Always On My Mind’ (Brenda Lee cover)- Iron & Wine and Calexico
18. ‘Born To Run’- Bruce Springsteen
19. ‘Since I Fell For You’- Eau Claire Memorial Jazz I with Justin Vernon and Mike Noyce
20. ‘I Just Wanna Love U (Give It To Me)’- Jay Z and The Roots

Listen to the Wake The Deaf side of the mix above, and read their excellent post (including an explanation of where the title of the mix comes from) here.

1. A Few Kind Words (Live at the Queen’s Hall) – Meursault
2. Tapes (Live at WMSE) – Conrad Plymouth
3. When My Time Comes (Live at the R&R) – Dawes
4. Dead Letter & the Infnite Yes (iTunes Session) – Wintersleep
5. Lately (Live on KEXP) – BOAT
6. Something, Somewhere, Sometime (Daytrotter Session) – Ben Sollee
7. Last to Swim (Weekender Session) – Strand of Oaks
8. Medication – Damien Jurado
9. Mountain Song (Live in Munich) – Evening Hymns
10. Red (Live at Schubas) – Okkervil River
11. Allahu Akbar (Daytrotter Session) – Emperor X
12. The Twist (Quietly Now) – Frightened Rabbit
13. Wolves – Phosphorescent
14. Blood Bank (Live at Glastonbury) – Bon Iver
15. Wasp Nest (Black Session) – The National
16. Jeanne, If You’re Ever in Portland (Daytrotter Session) – Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
17. Down in the Valley (Live on KEXP) – The Head and the Heart
18. Wake (Live at the Bowery Ballroom) – The Antlers
19. First Night (A Positive Rage) – The Hold Steady
20. Robots (Live at Shorefest) – Dan Mangan

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2 Responses to I Can Feel Them In The Air – a collaborative mix with Wake The Deaf

  1. Aaron says:

    Great great stuff! Cheers to two of the greatest blogs in all of the internet!

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