‘Ya Hey’ (Vampire Weekend cover) / ‘Terror In The Canyons (The Wounded Master)’ (Live at St. Pancras Church)- Phosphorescent

Lately it’s been all Phosphorescent, all the time. Below are two pretty good reasons why. The first, a Vampire Weekend cover that Matthew Houck and company laid down for KCSN a few weeks back, one that’s beautiful and tender (and makes a wholly perfect, heartbreaking song out of one I didn’t too much care for in its original form, the sign of an exceptional cover, really).

And the second, a recording of ‘Terror In The Canyons’ from a show in a church that took place before the release of one of the finest albums of 2013, Muchacho (a recording that will be released as part of the deluxe edition of that record, titled Muchacho De Lujo, due out 10/29). That’s going to be one of those very rare deluxe editions that more than worth you purchasing even if you previously bought the album. Holy crap, you guys. Pre-order that thing right here.





(Thanks, Dainon!)

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