Music Is My First Language takes over for the day

Words by Amber

Selecting an inspired, euphonious treat and lending my words to “songsfortheday” has felt like a daunting task. Do I only select one song? And how will I pick one Adam hasn’t already featured? I mean, the guy has stellar taste — surely he’s already written about everything I love.

As I was considering the possible criteria for choosing, all I could think was: it must GUT me; it must turn me inside out. I wish I could explain away the why’s of instantaneous connection. But alas, I cannot. It’s a chemical reaction, a resonant absorption of sorts — the sound waves caress, gently probing, pulsing, tracing up and down my skin insistent on finding their way in. And the good songs, the really good songs, they bypass my ears and saturate my being on a cellular level. The beat of my heart behaves like a magnetic beacon, guiding the melody, the lyrics, every last layer of the song deep into the center of my being. For the space of three to five minutes (though it feels immeasurable) I am receptive. More than receptive, I am not bound by any physical restraints. I am as free-flowing as the song itself. And just like that I’m changed; my insides have been rearranged. This, my friends, is why I listen to music in the first place. I’m addicted to that feeling of transformation.

For some reason I find myself holding my breath when I listen to this song — as though I fear the beauty might dissipate if I exhale.

(The Bronze Medal)

I need you so much closer…. Pay special attention to all the nuances in this video — LOVE is positively emanating in this room. It’s pretty powerful stuff. I honestly can’t watch without tearing up at all the tender moments witnessed.
(Levi Weaver)

You best believe that there’s a darkness in your heart to overcome — It looks the same and takes the shape of all those shadows from which you run. Oh my. It’s so good, it hurts.

(Brother & Bones)

Amber is the wonderful, positive woman behind Music Is My First Language, a site you should most assuredly be frequenting. 

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4 Responses to Music Is My First Language takes over for the day

  1. Brianna Soloski says:

    Beautiful songs. Thanks for sharing. Amber, I’m following your blog now.

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