Monday Links

On Twitter (and Facebook) I share links each day to various stuff that I think is great and/or worth people’s time. But not everyone that comes here is on Twitter or Facebook, so I gather up the best of those links each Monday and post them here so everyone can get in on the fun. If you’ve missed any of the past Monday Links (or just want to waste some time), check the archive of posts here.

Looking for something to stream? Good, cause new records from Volcano Choir, Neko Case, Pure Bathing Culture and (seriously, last week I’ll mention it) Typhoon are all available for you to give a listen to.

Speaking of Typhoon, this piece about them and how they are tied to the ideas/philosophy of Kierkegaard was one of the most interesting things I read all week.

Prepare yourself: HAIM is about to take over the world, methinks. Here’s their new video for ‘The Wire,’ one of the most fantastically catchy songs to come out this year.

This piece about Josh Ritter and divorce from my friend Tiffiny from The Ruckus broke my heart in such a deep, familiar way, but it also made me so happy and proud to be able to call the person brave enough to pen the words my friend.

No big deal, just Caroline Smith playing ‘Animal’ out in the cold.

There are things that make me sad. The gutting of The Wonder Years’ soundtrack due to cheapness/whatever is one of them. This Knox Road piece sums up my feelings pretty well.

Mideau have a new record coming out ‘soon.’ After watching this video of them playing ‘Feet to the Sun’ about 80 times I hope ‘soon’ is code for ‘this week.’

The Great American Canyon Band released their official video for ‘Lost at Sea’ a few weeks back, and I forgot to share it. Time to right that wrong. It’s lovely, dreamy and prominently features and owl, so it is more than worth your time, yes.

I don’t know much about the band Shy Nature, but I know this is delightful. Enjoy.

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